Imagine an hour where you don’t have to think about anything but relaxation and rest.  Imagine during this rest you receive a massage.  Your blood flow increases to your muscles and skin, bringing nutrients and carrying away toxins.  Your lymphatic flow is stimulated, increasing the effectiveness of your immune system.  Your problem areas are given the attention they need and tight muscles are relieved allowing you to relax further.    Your eyes are closed and your breathing becomes deep and steady.  These breaths are blessing all of your tissues with fresh oxygen. The gentle compression and rocking of the massage encourage your body to align itself naturally.  You enter a space between sleeping and wakefulness that allows you to completely let go and allows your body to heal itself.  Therapeutic aromatherapy envelops you for a full sensory experience.  Essential oils are entering your system through your skin and cause physiological and psychological changes.  You are healing from the inside, out.  In this hour your body resets.  This is your natural state of being, you are just reminding yourself what it feels like.

Imagine the wellness of body and mind you will experience by doing this one act of self-care regularly.   Imagine considering this a necessity, not a luxury.  You have decided to add yourself to the list of people to care for.  Now that you have made your own healing, relaxation, and rest a priority, you move through life with more grace.  Caring for others becomes easier and more enjoyable for you.  It feels good to be alive.  You are now inspired to find other ways to practice the act and art of Vital Self-Care.