Alchemy Aromatherapy



Smudge Aromatherapy Mist calls upon the ancient practice of smudging, by which negative energy is cleared from a space or person. Using ingredients such as sea salt and pure essential oils, this handcrafted signature blend is the divine choice for setting sacred space, purifying, or creating balance!



Muse Aromatherapy Mist will invite your inner muse out to play! This spray is handcrafted with a specialized blend of pure essential oils including ancient favorites of Myrrh and Frankincense. Perfect for those times, such as yoga, meditation, and ceremony, when you need to calm your mind and deeply focus within.



Ignite your mind, body, and spirit with Awaken Aromatherapy Mist. This handcrafted blend of essential oils with citrus notes will help lift your mood, energize your body, and spark your creativity. Awaken to your power and potential!

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